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Here at Bachman Pomeranians we breed primarily for ourselves, therefore we don’t breed very often. When we do decide to breed our Pomeranians, a lot of time and care goes into the planning of it. Research into the pedigrees, the dogs’ conformation, their temperaments and always the thought of bettering the breed is in mind. We have started to do heath screening on our Poms and currently test our poms Thyroid, Hearts, Patellas, Hips and Eyes. For a list of the most common health problems that affect poms please click here.

Our pet quality pups are sold with a spay/neuter contract and with a limited AKC registration. Our pups are born and raised in our house to provide the best possible start to their lives. Our pups will never leave our home until at least 8-10 weeks of age and sometimes much later if we are keeping them to evaluate for show. If we have an an older pom available it will be spayed/neutered before leaving. If you would like more information please email.


Available Puppies

Sorry we have no puppies available at this time.

Planned/Current Litters

At this time we are taking a break from breeding and have no plans to have any upcoming litters.

Please visit the Links page for local breeders or the American Pomeranain Club website for a wider range of breeders.

Please visit the Photo Gallery for pictures of some of our past Pom babies.