Stained Glass

Dog Designs

Head Study
Hinged Box – cutout lid
Hinged Box – solid lid
Pom on Base
Suncatcher with overlay
Round Window
Window with Bones

Clear Pom
Clear Pom in Oval
Clear Pom with bevels
Clear with 2 Poms – large


Cocker Spaniel
Black / White

Custom Candles

Candle w/ decal

Next to enjoying time with my Poms, Stained glass is my next favorite past time. Growing up I always admired stained glass items and wanted to one day learn how to do it. 3 years ago I fulfilled that dream by taking a class from a couple who taught classes out of their home. With their help and guidance I learned the correct techniques to create some beautiful things using the Tiffany style of stained glass called the Copper Foil Method. Each piece is individually cut and ground from a pattern piece, then copper foil is wrapped around each side of the piece of glass. The final step is soldering it all together. Each step is as important as the next.

I don’t have as much time to work with my glass hobby anymore but I do on occasion take custom orders. Please email me if you’re interested in one of the pieces I’ve made. My most recent endeavor was making trophies for the Bay Colony Pomeranian Club Annual Specialty.


Misc Designs

Light House

Morning Glories
Lake Scene